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How to Design Well

How to Design Well

Simple, clean and user friendly are the three things we pay most attention to when designing for our clients. At Daydream we believe that a stellar design can make all the difference in modern web applications. You can have a great application but without an equally great design, your users will not stick around.

Personally when I look at different SAAS applications and their competitors, I make my decision based on the “nicest” looking application. Does this mean that I have selected the best application? No definitely not, but these applications instil 100x more trust than the inferior designed applications.

The trend today is to keep things simple and clean. Made popular by Apple, an easy to use and simple interface has really made the world realize that design matters.

About the Author

Troy Veenstra
Art Director

Troy Veenstra, a natural born creative has had a passion for design since he was young. After graduating with a diploma from Algonquin college, Troy joined the Daydream founding team to work on UI/UX and branding for some impressive clients.